Woodstuck Pakistan

In Karachi Fashion Week proud designers brought out skimpily clad models as a show of defiance against the Taliban and terrorist activities in the country and created a hype in world media not least because the organizers and journalists used every available forum to tout it as showing a bold front to Talibans. The event was a success and thank heavens no untoward incident happened. The designers and media organizers had shown the proverbial finger to the Taliban.

Score : Media 1 – Taliban 0

GEO TV and musicians did not want to be left behind. Earlier, Bob Geldof through his Live 8 and Live Aid concerts, had brought awareness of certain issues to the forefront across all continents which were soon forgotten as soon as singing was over. GEO wanted to replicate a similar feat though on a much smaller scale by having AAG live concert with 12 hours of live transmission across three continents.

The concert was touted as Peace Concert aka Pakistan’s Woodstock and the purpose would have been to show that people in Pakistan are fed up with Taliban and want peace (this they would show by dancing to music).

Whereas Karachi Fashion Week showed the birdie to Talibans by having the event far from troubled areas of Punjab and NWFP in a five star hotel under extremely tight security in Karachi, Woodstock Pakistan attendees would not have to worry about their lives and they can dance the night away for the sake of peace in Pakistan in the security of Wonderland, Dubai.

Well it seems that Taliban had nature on their side on this one. Due to the bad weather, the concert was canceled. Whereas every medium available was used to announced the organization of event, its cancellation was sheepishly mentioned just by a small ticker on GEO TV.

Score : Media 1 – Taliban 1

Looking forward to the next event to see how the scores pan out.


It seems that Taliban had nature on their side. Cafe Pyala has an excellent post on their website explaining a fiasco that Live AAG concert has been.

Final Score: Media 1 – Taliban 2


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