Anti State Minister

Though the Pakistani media is pretty active when raising non issues or flogging a dead horse, yet, the real issues just fly under its radar or are just reported as a small ticker on the TV screem.

Most recent example of a missed reporting is the speech of Zulfiqar Mirza, the interior minister of Sind and husband of speaker of national assembly Fehmida Mirza, on the second death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto. The speech is so full of anti state and terrorist remarks that had any so called islamist or Baluchi liberationist made those remarks, the whole country would have come crashing down on him.

The salient features of his speech are

1. We had planned an airplane hijacking to get Zulfiqar Bhutto released. If Mumtaz Bhutto had provided us hand grenades for the purpose, we would have gotten Zulfiqar Bhutto released from the prison.

2. On the day of martyrdom of Benazir, I along with my workers were planning to take out a rally for demanding breakup of Pakistan but decided against it because of Pakistan Khappay slogan of Zardari.

These remarks are not worthy of a national leader or minister. Had someone from Baluchistan made such a remark, he would have been bombarded by media as anti state actor and even picked up and killed by Pakistan Army.

What did he wanted to achieve from these remarks? Does he think that he will appear as a revolutionary by making such statements. He is a fraud and there are cases against him in Badin, Sind for embezzlement in Mirza Sugar Mills case. When one’s wife holds the position of speaker of National Assembly and when one is Interior Minister for a Province, it does not suit one to make such a myopic remarks. He should be made an Anti State Minister.

Mostly I am disappointed with media who otherwise can dig out the graves and rake the muck on any one yet such a big guffaw has been totally ignored by them.


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