Schadenfreude: Twenty20 version

Not much of a cricket fan and the way Pakistan plays cricket there is no chance that I would ever become one. In the team’s defence, the poor guys don’t get a chance to practice enough international level cricket due to the law and order situation in the country.

However, the fluke due to which Pakistan made it to the semi final just tells you that there is a higher power that is behind Pakistan. Some people call that higher power God whereas the skeptics call it Satta Bazi (betting). Whatever you call it, the fact remains that Pakistan made it to the semi final and India got booted out despite the fact that Indian team  has got like light years worth of practice in playing T20 format with IPLs and ICLs.

For Pakistanis,  hounded by parliamentarians;  scandalized for lack of discipline, being ‘mentally retarded’, and not being ‘toilet trained’; senior players facing suspension; and comprising of young raw talent, staying ahead of India is an achievement in itself. I am glad more for India not making it to the semis than for Pakistan actually making it. Now I don’t care if Pakistan doesn’t make it to the finals.

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