Journalistic mindfuck of the day : Air crash edition

Yesterday’s crash of Air Blue jet in Islamabad killing all 152 people on board was a national tragedy. However, what made the situation worse for the grieving nation was the pathetic reporting by major news outlets.

Cafe Pyala has done an excellent coverage of it here:

No tragedy, however, is big enough that a few misguided souls cannot subvert through their unmitigated idiocy.

Exhibit A: ARY reporters take away identity cards from crash site to show on camera as a scoop. Geo reporter threatens that his cameraman has two ID cards of the deceased as well. So what if we can’t show bodies anymore?

Exhibit B: Someone wonders on a blog if the crash could be a conspiracy to turn public attention away from the fake degrees issue.

Exhibit C: Geo believes it’s important that an animated loop of a plane crashing repeatedly into hills and going up in a fireball is important to drive home the story. Particularly for friends and relatives of the deceased.

Commentators on the same blog provide additional examples of stupidity. You can read the comments here.

In contrast, DAWN’s deputy editor has written a very sensible blogpost on the shameful media coverage of the event:

Just the way you wouldn’t hand weapons to an untrained army, you wouldn’t hand cameras and a press pass to untrained media representatives. However, fact of the matter is that time and time again we are reminded that the latter has been taking place in Pakistan almost constantly.

You can read the rest of the blog post here.

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