Who is the dumbest of them all?

I have been an ardent supporter of democracy to the extent that I am even supporting the present democratic setup. I believe unless the system runs it course the garbage will not be sifted, the politicians will not learn to pay for their mistakes through the ballot box and we will not get new leadership that pays attention to its constituencies.

But the present leadership through it actions as well as constant streams of bullshit from its mouth sometimes makes me question my beliefs but more than that my sanity. This government has turned out to be the stupidest and dumbest in the history of Pakistan. Had I been a conspiracy theorist I would say that they are acting this way to achieve some ulterior objective which is so ghastly that it confounds me. How can any one be so dumb?

1. Despite the statement by David Cameron, Zardari takes a foreign trip to France and UK. I would really like to know from an insider what was he REALLY doing there. It was a personal trip at national exchequer where he even meets Sarkozy. It may have had something to do with the submarine kickback case in France in which Sarkozy is being investigated for using the kickback proceeds to finance presidential campaign of his predecessor. If it was a foreign policy trip, why was son and daughters accompanying him in casual wear. In the videos showing his arrival on airports, why isn’t he afforded official protocol?

2. In Wall Street Journal, US officials say that they really had to push on Zardari to go back otherwise he felt no compulsion to go back to spearhead the flood crisis. True he is not the Chief Executive after the 18th amendment. But what could be more important to be with your country men, who elected you President, in this time of crisis?

3. When a foreign policy trip is planned, the foreign minister goes along. But if he remains behind,  he should at least be able to tell the nation what is so important during flooding that the president had to leave without him. So where was the foreign minister and what did he say? He was at a fashion show (like the Karachi Fashion Week last year was the proverbial middle finger to Talibans _ I am paraphrasing the organizer and participants but this is what they said_ this fashion show would have been the finger to floods) and what does the dumbass say when people ask him about floods and Zardari trip : this is not the place to ask such questions. Please approach the foreign office.

4. GEO TV which was out in full force blaming Zardari for taking a trip during the national crisis, what was it showing during that time? Nadia Khan hosting a fashion model talent show finale for four hours. Thats what I can kettle calling the pot black.

5. We all know that the magnitude of this disaster is huge. Army and civilians and NGOs are trying their best to reach everyone but its difficult in the wide area to reach all of them. Hence, the religious charities are helping people wherever they can and reaching out to them. Even Musharraf was smart enough not to ban charities despite immense US pressure after earthquake as he knew that the charities were doing huge humanitarian and relief work. However, our interior minister says today that such charities will not be allowed to work and people working for them will be arrested. People are dying of aid not reaching them and we need each and every bit of help we can get. Save lives now and worry about the propaganda of charities later.

6. We were worried that world does not trust you, that we will misuse aid. Gilani is on record saying that we will give record of each penny of aid last week, (most humiliating statement a Prime Minister of a country can give in times of crisis). The opposition reaches out to the government and says that if the people are not giving aid to government doubting its credibility lets make a transparent commission so that people trust us. PM agrees to it and makes an announcement. Yesterday he goes back on his words as according to DAWN they are making a different committee as implementing the agreed upon commission would be construed as accepting opposition’s advice. So they make something called NDMC with the same usual culprits which the people have shown distrust in. Is this the time to play such politics?

Not a big fan of Shahbaz Sharif (a dictator in democratic clothing) but he has since stopped making statements (which were raising controversies) and is focused on relief work in his province. I hope that PPP leadership takes a leaf out of his book but then their coteries would advise against it as it would be following the opposition.

So my question again? How dumb can one party collectively be? Isn’t there a single sane person in PPP?


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