Dumb and Dumber Revolutionaries

Altaf Hussain has again called for a revolution and requested Army and “establishment” to side with and support the people in this revolution.

I wanted to do a post on revolution as many on the world wide web (mainly expats and foreign passport holders) are asking for it. However, the stupidity of Altaf Bhai’s comments have stopped me in my tracks.

It was my understanding that when one calls for revolution, it is usually against the established elite. In Pakistan, the power hierarchy is Military (mainly Army) at the top, followed by bureaucracy and then politicians.

It is reported that Fatima Jinnah said to Ayub when the latter talked about eradicating corruption that ice melts from the top i.e., it is the top that initiate/patronize corruption.

However, my question to Altaf Bhai is, if you are asking Army and establishment to side with the revolution, then it is not a revolution at all. The only thing they will do is come down hard on politicians which again Altaf Hussain is a part of.

“Establishment”_as that pathetic anchor Dr. Shahid Masood keeps on asking in his even more pathetic talk show, what is establishment? if not Army and Bureacracy the very institutions that have led the country to this state. Politicians have come and gone (with the exception of Zulfiqar Bhutto and Nawaz in his second tenure politicians never wielded much power) but these two institutions have remained at the helm either at the forefront or behind the scenes and  allowed the situation to get worse.

So how does one justify a call to revolution by the very people who have led us here. And revolution against whom? The very people that Army and bureaucracy have trained.

Cowasjee has this to say about MQM’s latest call

We have no dearth of amateur patriots, they are a veritable swarm. One, sitting in far away London Town from where he leads a political party now in coalition, has issued a patriotic call to his fellow patriots in uniform urging them to come to the rescue of a sinking country and act to eradicate the many corrupt fellow patriots, to eliminate the feudal culture which has dragged this country down to where it is, rid it of powerful pressure groups and the so-called elite — in fact, of all those responsible for the appalling state of affairs in which Pakistan now finds itself.

Not an easy task — where does one start? The odd thing is that the general-rouser has inadvertently pleaded for his own and his party’s removal from the national scene.

The caller has offered to lead an uprising similar to that of the 1789 French Revolution, influenced no doubt by his close proximity to Paris. Naturally, this call to arms has drawn fire from all patriots of the professed ‘democratic’ bend, the generals maintaining a discreet silence.

It seems he was prompted to issue his call by the influx of flood-affected Sindhis into the urban fabric of the province, especially Karachi. With rising levels of education, the population increase rate among his community is levelling off, as is its vote-bank. In the last general elections, his party lost two provincial assembly seats of Karachi to a fellow coalition partner — since the Swat debacle of 2008, the number of Pathans in Karachi has been steadily increasing.

Hence, it is no love for country that Altaf Hussain wants Martial Law. Its to save their vote bank or rather stop it from becoming immaterial due to demographic changes.

DAWN also has another news about how Pakistan Navy is winning hearts and minds in Balochistan.

Pakistan Navy has acquired close to 13,500 acres of land in Turbat and Dasht areas of Kech district in Balochistan’s Makran division to the distress of local landowners and the ire of Baloch political activists, the Herald reports.

The landowners in Turbat have moved an application to the provincial government saying that they were not even informed before their lands were acquired and that the naval authorities paid them nothing in lieu of their lands, says a special report in the magazine’s latest issue that hit the newsstands today (Sunday). “We only became aware [of the acquisition] when the navy started construction and we were stopped from visiting our lands,” says Shabbir Ahmed Dashti, a local landowner. For the last many months the landowners have been running from pillar to post to get their land back or at least get paid for it if there was no way to retrieve it from the navy, says the report.

The Herald investigations reveal that the land was acquired in a clear violation of the Land Acquisition Act. The law “states that any government department that wants to acquire private land for public purposes shall issue a public notification mentioning the land it wants to acquire and ensuring that the notification is posted throughout the area in which that land is situated. The law also provides that anyone including private landowners have the right to object to land acquisition within 30 days of the notification,” the report reads. None of these procedures were adopted in Turbat.

As a result of such land acquisitions, dissatisfaction and even anger towards the state are on the rise in the Makran division, the Herald says. “Graffiti directed against security forces has appeared on the walls of public and private properties in Gwadar, Pasni and Turbat and this year’s Independence Day was observed as a day of protest in some areas of the division. Eyewitness accounts suggest that some angry protesters burned down the national flag as well as emblems of the security forces on August 14 in Gwadar, Punjgur and Kech districts, and instead reportedly hoisted what they call the flag of independent Balochistan on electricity and phone towers,” the report says.

“This is uncharacteristic of people living in Makran region,” it quotes Imam Bukhsh, a Baloch poet living in Gwadar, as saying. “The political leadership of the area has always sought a solution to Balochistan’s issues through parliamentary and constitutional means,” he is reported to have said.

The very institutions (Military, bureaucracy) that are supposed to uphold the law and help in its implementation are the ones breaking it. And Altaf Bhai is dumb enough to call on them to bring out a revolution. He must be totally out of his mind.


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