Stupid is as stupid does

Musharraf’s reentry into politics has received little coverage and even scantier analysis. I have just picked out couple of sound bites which show that the guy has lost it.
According to him, his social system is based on three foundations

1. Quran and Sunnah.
2. realisation of dream of Quaid-i-Azam and
3. Objectives Resolution

Does Musharraf realize who his constituents are or who have been his loyal supporters? To half of his followers who fall on the left side of left-right spectrum commonly described as liberals, intellectuals in Pakispeak, the second foundation is  contradictory to first and third foundation. According to them, Quaid-e-Azam wanted a secular state that has nothing to do with religion of its people. Moreover, these liberals also describe Objective Resolution as betrayal of very principles Quaid described in his 11th August 1948 speech.

Later on in the speech, he offers another pearl of wisdom saying that he wants

“to make Pakistan into a progressive Islamic state”.

Huh? I thought Pakistan was supposed to be a state for Muslims of Subcontinent rather than an Islamic state? Some of you might not find a difference in these two but according to the intellectuals there is a huge  difference between them. Islamic state is contradictory to Quaid’s dream. Quaid-e-Azam wanted a state for Muslims (not an Islamic state) where they could rule themselves under secular laws_I know how ridiculous this sounds but this was the vision of Quaid if one listens to intellectuals.

Anyway, this post is not about Quaid. It is about Musharraf and by making this statement Musharraf is turning away his supporters who lie on the liberal/secular side of the spectrum. The question arises then who is he aiming at? Doe eyed fresh graduates and hardened Musharrafites of urban middle class in whose books and statistics Musharraf could do no wrong.

Personally, I think he has shot himself in the foot with this speech. The majority of the right wing dislikes or hates Musharraf except for the young middle class which made money in Musharraf’s credit fuelled bubble economy. Unfortunately the bubble burst at the same time as Pakistan was transitioning to democracy so the politicians ended up taking all the blame for the economic slide (not that Zardari & Co. have done anything to stop the downward slide ).

The purpose of all this is that Musharraf has started on the wrong foot and he has not judged his supporters correctly. He might be able to take a few votes away from MQM but that is the only major loss I expect and thats why Altaf bhai is in panic mode (thinking of shifting to Dubai, thinking that his days in this world are numbered etc).

Unless, the west or Army brokers a combining of all Muslim Leagues under Musharraf (similar to ISI engineered IJI) I would be surprised if Musharraf even gets a single seat in the coming elections.