Pakistan Army : Is it good for anything?

The most recent item in the news which I reproduce below just goes to show that our army should  stick to waging unnecessary wars and half heartedly guarding our borders.

Though Ayesha Siddiqa has shown in her book that military industrial complex of Pakistan (affectionately called ‘milbus’ by the author) is not as  profitable an  enterprise as we are made to believe with the subsidies and exemptions it gets, yet due to the boring (read ‘non-sensational’)  writing style of the author, the book failed to gain any traction in mainstream media. However, the unnecessary controversy surrounding the book brought the author credibility.

The army chamchas are plentiful in Pakistan and come up with cooked up statistics to show everything is hunky dory under Army rule and sometimes they don’t even bother with statistics considering their outbursts as enough.

The mismanagement or incompetence of Army run businesses is evident from DHA Islamabad, a real estate project that should have been hugely successful but has almost gone bankrupt_ an outcome that is unfathomable as army or DHA buys the land at deep discount without paying upfront cash and sells it at huge premiums.

Below are some excerpts from Dawn on how the army run National Logistic Cell (NLC) is performing. It was also a journalistic mindfuck moment as the headline of the item and first few paragraphs are an attempt by Dawn to show Kyani in positive light and how he is a true professional. WTF!

The excerpts from the article. The chronology of paragraphs has been changed to give a better flow

Everybody sitting in the committee room was stunned when the NLC DG conceded that former bosses of the NLC, Lt Gen (Retd) Mohammad Afzal Zafar and Major General (Retd) Khalid Zaheer Akhtar, and Chief Financial Officer Saeed-ur-Rehman doled out Rs 75 million to a private power generation company as loan in total violation of rules.

About NLC’s massive investment in the stock exchange from 2004 to 2008, which caused a loss of over Rs 2 billion, the committee decided to wait for the report on another audit that is being conducted.

Having gone through all these audit paras, the PAC chief observed, the word bankruptcy seemed inappropriate to explain the financial health of the NLC. Instead, he said, the organisation had hit rock bottom and was down in the dumps.