Military rule in Pakistan: same old shit

I had received the following videos earlier but someone resent them to me today. They are circa 1959 and have an interview of Ayub Khan. Despite the upbeat nature of the report (the west and western media has always supported our military rulers) what is amazing is how Ayub Khan’s talk reminds of similar talks made by Musharraf. More than that, it begs the question that if military rule is so good for Pakistan why is it that when the ruler leaves us, we find ourselves in worse situation despite their claims of bringing true democracy instead of sham democracy or claims of democracy does not suit the genius of people.

The reporter is neither sarcastic nor there is any hint of cynicism when he says that 95% of Pakistanis favored Ayub Khan which begs the question is the reporter was naive? If not, I want to smoke what he is smoking. Doesn’t it remind you of 97% affirmation that Musharraf received in his referendum.

Ayub’s rhetoric in the report reminds me of Musharraf as he used to say the same things.




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