Hudood Ordinance and Blasphemy Laws

I will try to keep it short. When it comes to these laws, the perception we get is that there are two extremes only. On the one side we have the liberals, who want these laws to be repealed. On the other side, we have conservatives or rather they should be called extremists which usually consist of mullahs from the mosques who rally the mob and usually try to impose their own brand of justice swiftly either by killing the accused themselves or by pressuring the police/court to pass the required verdict.

I am what you call a right wing ‘conservative’ however I do not subscribe to the view of the right wing ‘extremists’. Moreover, I also disagree with the liberal view point that the laws should be repealed.

My contention is that if the laws ‘Hudood’ or ‘Blasphemy’ are prescribed in Islamic Jurisprudence (all the schools agree on it) then they should be implemented, even if they are harsh.

The problem only comes in our judicial process. Just because our judicial process is weak, we should not be trying to repeal the laws. With the amount of looting, raping and then vigilante justice that is going on in Karachi, I believe we should dismantle police and judiciary in Karachi. No the right way should be to work towards improving the system.

Taking Zina cases in Hudood Ordinance. It requires four witnesses. The question that should be asked to the witnesses how did they end up viewing the said act, what is their character, are they related to accuser etc. Such simple questions and probing by the defense can easily throw the prosecution’s case out but the process is never followed through.

Blasphemy law case in Hyderabad where a doctor is being tried in the media and on the street for throwing a business card of medical sales rep in trash bin whose name happened to be Muhammad. From a common sense perspective, the the case does not have any footing and should be thrown out and the people (especially the mullah) who is rallying the people should be thrown in jail and tried in anti-terrorism court for inciting violence. A few such iron handed treatment to mullahs and see how they become a ‘bheegi billi’.

From Express Tribune

As a sitting judge of the Lahore High Court [Justice (retd) Nazir Akhtar], he used to tell people at social gatherings that they should kill the blasphemer instead of invoking the law against him.

If we have such people sitting in the judiciary, the solution is not to repeal the law. Rather throw him out of court and bar him from practicing law ever again. These are the people who give bad name to what passes for justice in this country.


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