Security Apparatus : US and Pakistan

Just came across this wonderful post about how US policies are imperialistic by design and are hurting US interests. It is to be read in full. Anyway, in it there is a paragraph though which talks about US but could very well be talking about Pakistan. I have re-read it multiple times and here I am sharing it:

…. The United States has been at war for a startling two out of every three years since 1989, and there is no end in sight. As anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of world events knows, countries that continuously fight wars invariably build powerful national-security bureaucracies that undermine civil liberties and make it difficult to hold leaders accountable for their behavior; and they invariably end up adopting ruthless policies normally associated with brutal dictators. The Founding Fathers understood this problem, as is clear from James Madison’s observation that “no nation can preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” Washington’s pursuit of policies like assassination, rendition and torture over the past decade, not to mention the weakening of the rule of law at home, shows that their fears were justified.

Similar is the case in Pakistan. Our India centric security policy wherein we fought 3 unprovoked wars with them. And from 1979 onwards, our Army has been continuously engaged in overt and covert warfare e.g. Afghan Jihad, Kargil, war on terror, Swat, current engagement with Taliban elements.

The army and the intelligence agencies never had any respect for civilians calling them “bloody civilians” but the missing persons and other such actions in the name of national security show that military apparatus in Pakistan is above the law.


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