Legalistic Mindfuck of the day : UAE edition

DAWN reported via UAE’s the National that two Pakistanis have been apprehended in UAE for having links to Al-Qaeda. The paper goes on to report that

Prosecutors allege AkW sent “two laptop computers, two telescopes, two pencil torches, two Swiss army knives and a tent” to “Islamist militants” in Pakistan.

Is this all that the prosecutors based their case on? You can buy this stuff easily in Pakistan in any town with the exception of Swiss army knives which are available in cities. Even if such things are not available in city, one can easily buy them in Bara markets along Pakistan Afghan border. Did anybody stop to ask why would Al Qaeda request such mundane stuff from UAE? The charges appear framed.

This raises a question were  there any grounds to apprehend these people or were they just picked up because Pakistani authorities “tipped off” the UAE authorities. Sadly, latter seems to be the case and the newspaper reporting hasn’t done anything to alleviate the doubt.

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