Salman Taseer had it coming

Though the act of killing Salman Taseer is deplorable and should be condemned in strongest words but one should not be surprised that he was taken out. His party which despite being in power does not care about bringing to justice the killers of its leader Benazir Bhutto (not carrying out post-mortem, delaying the investigation, not releasing the reports etc.) presents its members as an easy target because everyone knows that they are so morally bankrupt that death of their members is an opportunity to garner sympathy votes and a few more seats in the parliament. May be next time Zardari can also take a picture of Salman Taseer along with Benazir Bhutto when he makes an address to UN.

Had such a statement been uttered by an MQM leader, the would-be killer would have thought twice before attacking because not only he would have been taken out by MQM whenever given a chance but they might also take out his whole family or even his clan.

This is a straight forward case of murder / an act of terrorism. If the government read PPP is really serious about sending out a message, get him sentenced to death and executed through the courts. We have introduced with gusto anti-terrorism courts, in-camera hearings; get him through those and send out a message to the masses.

Only time will tell how PPP/government handles this situation.

As I said, PPP has only itself to blame. This is what our interior minister and PPP stalwart Rehman Malik had to say according to NYTimes
The Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, went as far as to say he would shoot any blasphemer himself.
Err, yeah, but, hmmm…

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