Yahya Khan’s indulgence on eve of ’71 surrender

English: President of Pakistan Yahya Khan

On December 14, 1971. Major General Rao Farman Ali and Lieutenant General A.A.K. Niazi, the military commander in East Pakistan, asked the U.S. consul in Dhaka (capital of East Pakistan) to transmit a sunender proposal to New Delhi. Before forwarding the proposal, the U.S. ambassador in Islamabad was instructed by Washington to get approval from Yahya. The foreign secretary. Sultan Ahmed, speaking on behalf of the president of Pakistan, gave the necessary approval. Yahya Khan did not have time to attend to this matter personally. On the eve of Pakistan’s surrender he was giving a party in his newly constructed house in Peshawar.” One of the few guests was Mrs. Shamim, known as “Black Pearl,” the Bengali beauty who was Yahya‘s latest sexual affiliate and whom he had recently appointed as Pakistan’s ambassador to Austria. As drinks flowed, so did the affair go progressively nude. It was when the whole party was drunk and unattired, except for Major General Ishaque, Yahya’s military secretary, that “Black Pearl” wished to go home. The president insisted that he would drive her personally, both of them stark naked. General Ishaque could not save Pakistan. but he did manage to knock enough sense into the sizzled head of a fun loving president to put him into his pants. Thus coincided the housewarming of the president’s house with the surrender in East Pakistan.

Hassan Abbas,  “Pakistan’s drift into extremism: Allah, the army, and America’s war on terror”


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