Hajj – Pakistani Politicians and Military

Two jokes that I recently received over Blackberry Messenger

Joke 1

Three politicians cannot perform Hajj:
1) Asif zardari, as he cannot throw stones on himself
2) Altaf hussain, as Hajj cannot be performed on telephone
3) Nawaz sharif, as he cannot shave off his head after spending 10 million rupees on hair implant. Also he is not allowed to take stuffed tigers with him on Hajj.
Joke 2
Reasons why Army Generals cannot perform Hajj
1 – orders from Americans have not been received yet
2 – batmen are not trained to perform Hajj yet
3 – militant groups have not started “Hajj for hire” services yet
4 – military rules do not allow for such extensive mixing with “bloody civilians
5 – they are not allowed to perform haj with a stick in hand.

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