Has the Pakistan Army been Islamized

The below excerpts are from C. Christine Fair’s working paper “Has the Pakistan Army Islamized? What the Data Suggest” which can be downloaded here. The paper is short and readable. I am just excerpting some of the parts that stood out for me.

U.S. analysts talk about “beard counts” at the graduation ceremonies at the National Defense University and they keep track of officers who are presumed to have “Islamist” credentials, fearing that they may be the mastermind of the next insidious terror attack against India, or a purveyor of nuclear technology to terrorists, among other nightmare scenarios.

Islam also bolsters the army‘s will to fight by debasing and demeaning the enemy. During the civil war of 1971, the Commander-in-Chief and President of Pakistan, Yahya Khan, motivated his soldiers by declaring the Mukti Bahini (the Bengali guerillas) to be a ―kafir army against which the Pakistan army was waging a legitimate jihad. Brigadier Javed Hassan (who retired a Major General), while at the Faculty of Research and Doctrinal Studies (FORAD) at the Command and Staff College in Quetta, conducted and published a study titled India: A Study in Profile. It is now required reading at the National Defense University as well. In this volume, the author derides India by arguing that India is not a nation, characterizing India‘s past as having a ―total absence of any popular resistance against foreign domination and rule, denounces the Indians as “less warlike” attributes India‘s military failures to “racial” shortcomings,among other derogatory characteristics of Hindus and Hinduism. Of course, it needs to be stated that India has never lost a war with Pakistan.


Recent reporting suggests that Pakistan has a battalion of the Azad Kashmir Regiment in Bahrain, which was deployed in 2010 to train local troops. Pakistan also sends retired officers to augment Bahrain‘s military capabilities. Prime Minister Yousuf Gillani, in March of 2011, assured Bahrain‘s foreign minister that Pakistan would dispatch more retired manpower to quell the unrest by Bahrain‘s Shia majority against the Sunni rulers. This same report estimates that there are about 10,000 serving and retired Pakistani military personnel currently in Bahrain.



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