Altaf Hussain : King of Hearts – Picture from the Archives

Educated people are baffled that how Altaf Hussain can demand such loyalty and hold such sway over people.

Since Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, there hasn’t been a leader who is culturally sensitive to his audience. He talks in the language they understand.

When he calls on feudals, he addresses them as “aye zameendara”, 

when he talks to burger bachchas, he uses the Thundercats allegory of a sword


with the journalists he uses a different tone


and when he talks to his workers,

 well, you get the drift.

But cultural sensitivity of Quaid e Tehreek is not defined by his talk alone. He walks it as well. It is evident in his mannerisms. In 1981, he visited Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with Rauf Siddiqui. The picture below though is undated but would have been taken around the same time. Talking with Arabs, he adopted their mannerisms. Don’t think any one till then or has ever since did this.

Quaid e Tehreek Pir Altaf Hussain Bhai – King of Hearts


Deed Apne Thi Use Khwahish
Aap ko har tarah bana dekha

Kahin abid bana kahin zahid
Kahin rindon ka peshwa dekha

Kahin woh dar libaas-e-mashooqan
Bar sare naaz aur ada dekha

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