Altaf Hussain : An Invisible Philanthropist – Picture from the Archives

For quite a lot of people it’s very hard to understand sacrifices of Quaid-e-Tehreek Pir Altaf Hussain_ the reason he gets such undying loyalty from his people.

He lives for his people and in turn they live for him.

As he stated in his speech to workers on May 19th, 2013 he has never sought any office. He never ran after such positions as minister, governor or even a counselor.

All his struggle has been for the well being of his people. He has been so selfless in this that all the works he has done, he never asked anything to be named after him.

No project bears his name. It is because of his explicit wish as he doesn’t want to be remembered by name of buildings, roads or projects. He wants to be remembered in hearts and in prayers.

Best example is the ambulance service he started. Like other charity healthcare services providers who named their services after their castes, family names or their parents for example, Edhi, Saylani, Chipa, Shaukat Khanum etc , Quaid-e-Tehreek Pir Altaf Hussain Bhai could’ve easily named it Altaf Hussain Mayyat Service or Altaf Hussain Ambulance Service and no one would have objected to it but it was his love for his people that Quaid e Tehreek dedicated his brainchild to the people thus naming it Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation.

Below is the picture of Quaid-e-Tehreek Pir Altaf Hussain Bhai inaugurating such service in 1990 while others were still playing around and philandering.



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