Social Media strategy of MQM

MQM does not take kindly to criticism. Whereas the same can also be said of PTI supporters who start hurling abuses at critics, however, MQM usually kills its critics. As such, you will never see a common man criticizing MQM in streets of Karachi.

The advantage of social media is that to an extent it offers the critics the anonymity or at least provides them a safe location to criticize MQM. MQM, which has always relied on its intimidating and threatening tactics as well as death to suppress its critics, is finding it hard to control criticism on social media due to this.

So their strategy boils down to this. Get the social media commentor to reveal his identity or location so that they can physically threaten them. This is best displayed by tweets of MQM MPA Irum Azeem (Jalal) Farooque (twitter handle @irumf) and MQM MNA Ali Raza Abedi (twitter handle @abidifactor). Here they stop short of mentioning death otherwise it is pretty clear that they are going to beat the shit out of their critics provided they find out their identities and location.

The following four tweets describe in words of MQM Senator Haider Abbas Rizvi “Shoshal” Media Strategy of MQM. This shows the fascist mindset of MQM. Whereas in case of PTI its their supporters and not their leaders that hurl abuses, in case of MQM its their parliamentarians that physically threaten them.

In the below tweet, MQM MPA Irum Azeem Farooque requests MQM MNA Ali Raza Abidi to invite the critics to a place where they can beat them.

In the below tweet, she is requesting her MQM followers to try to find out the IP address of the critical tweeps so that MQM can threaten them or shut them up by reporting them as spam.


Mohsin Soharwardi probably a disgruntled insider of MQM or may be sidelined in Altaf Hussain’s tatheer policies is very critical of MQM’s policies online. Below he describes how he is being approached by MQM MNA to reveal his location.


The below is a screenshot of a direct message (DM in twitter lingo) sent by MQM MNA Syed Ali Raza Abidi to Soharwardi threatening him.


Though the above mentioned are just images, you can reach the actual tweets by following links in my following tweet.


5 thoughts on “Social Media strategy of MQM

  1. […] Irum is Member Provincial Assembly & Incharge MQM Public Relations. She very marketable being educated, presentable and from well to do background. She also looks after social media strategy of MQM being the brain behinds hundreds of fake or paid Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, MQM being MQM, she couldn’t stay away from threatening which is covered well in my earlier post Social Media Strategy of MQM […]

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