Egypt Counter-revolution : End of a good thing

“In conversations with opposition politicians over the past six months, I have been struck by two things: their vehement hatred of the Brotherhood, and their inability to articulate solutions to the country’s problems.” – Newyorker

For Mr. Morsi and his Islamist allies in the Muslim Brotherhood, a military intervention would be an epic defeat. It would deny them the chance to govern Egypt that they had struggled 80 years to finally win, in democratic elections, only to see their prize snatched away after less than a year.

If you have been following the Egypt protests of last few days, you will realize that Egypt is on the cusp of toppling Morsi’s presidency and this might also mean the end of Muslim Brotherhood government. What Egyptians don’t realize that they are playing in the hands of their intelligentsia who have nothing better to offer them. I will let others do the talking for me here. All these links should be read in full to appreciate what is being lost here.

The movement is organized by Tamarod (which is translated in Arabic as Rebellion) and this is the list of their misgivings with Morsi regime.

Rebel Campaign
(For the destitution of Mohamed Mursi Al Ayat)

We reject you … Because Security has not been recovered so far
We reject you… Because the deprived one has still no place to fit
We reject you … Because we are still begging loans from the outside
We reject you … Because no justice has been brought to the martyrs
We reject you. .. Because no dignity was left neither for me nor for my country
We reject you… Because the economy has collapsed, and depends only on begging
We reject you… Because Egypt is still following the footsteps of the USA

Since the arrival of Mohamed Mursi to power, the average citizen still has the feeling that nothing has been achieved so far from the revolution goals which were life in dignity, freedom, social justice and national independence. Mursi was a total failure in achieving every single goal, no security has been reestablished and no social security realized, thus and gave clear proof that he is not fit for the governance of such a country as Egypt.

From The Atlantic magazine

Is a Second Revolution Really What Egypt Needs?

Opting for a revolutionary course this late in the game — after more than two years of transition and five elections — means starting from scratch with little guarantee that the second time will be much better. At some point, the past cannot be undone, except perhaps through mass violence on an unprecedented scale. If the first elected Islamist president is toppled, then what will keep others from trying to topple a future liberal president? If one looks at Tamarod’s justifications for seeking Morsi’s overthrow, the entire list consists of problems that will almost certainly plague his successor. They have little to do with a flawed transition process and a rushed constitution that ran roughshod over opposition objections and everything to do with performance (“Morsi was a total failure in achieving every single goal, no security has been reestablished and no social security realized, [giving] clear proof that he is not fit for the governance of such a country as Egypt,” reads the Tamarod statement of principles). Legitimacy cannot depend solely or even primarily on effectiveness or competence. If it did, revolution could be justified anywhere at any time, including in at least several European democracies.

That said, there is little doubt that Morsi suffers, perhaps more than anything else, from a legitimacy deficit, which, in an un-virtuous cycle, undermines governance, and so on.

The best column on the topic is written by Patrick Gealy and its rich with links. I recommend that everyone reads it in full. I am just pasting the concluding paragraph below which delivers the punch.

The day the revolution died

……I’ve learned a basic and terrifying truth today: That many would rather see a military junta rule with impunity and autocracy than see a democratic administration govern with fecklessness and error. That many people who call themselves revolutionaries and advocates of democracy simply hate Islamism more than they love freedom. That people are fully prepared to welcome the army back to political life, with a cheer, two fingers up to those killed since 2011, and a good riddance to Egypt’s first experiment with democracyFuck that for a revolution.

The following is from Newyorker magazine

Egypt’s Petition Rebellion

Is this the future of Egypt? In fact, Tamarod represents a big step backward in the country’s political evolution. In the two and a half years since the revolution that ousted Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood has won every election: parliamentary polls at the end of 2011, a Presidential vote last June, and a referendum, in December, on a constitution drafted by Brotherhood members and their allies.

But established opposition parties have done little to build political organizations and grassroots networks that might exploit this discontent. Instead of pushing for new parliamentary elections (the previously elected parliament was dissolved after a court ruled that some seats had been illegally contested), opposition leaders have already said they will boycott any new elections. Their default mode is to call for street protests when things don’t go their way.

The Tamarod movement is an extension of this civic disengagement.

Following the June 30th protests, Tamarod organizers are calling for a prolonged sit-in and boycotts of payments to the government of electricity, water, gas, taxes, and certain taxi fees. If the President does step down, the group proposes that the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court serve as acting President until new elections are held in six months.

Below is the video captured by military helicopter which should make you question why is military releasing such videos to press. What is the agenda of military high command known as Supreme Command of Armed Forces (SCAF)?

If anyone believe that SCAF is for the people, they have forgotten that SCAF or military was the one who ensured that Mubarak remains an absolute dictator for 30 years. Below is the documentary on SCAF crimes with English subtitles

People are cheering for SCAF intervention in Tahrir Square. They have so quickly forgotten the crimes/atrocities committed by SCAF last year. The below link is a must read with links and pictures of crimes of SCAF. People have so quickly forgotten the blue bra girl and virginity tests administered by SCAF.

SCAF Crimes in Egypt: A Revolutionary Timeline in Photos

Only one year ago, Egyptians were cheering another milestone: the end of military rule. After 18 months in power, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) had done little for the country other than shoot at, arrest, and kill protesters. To say the least, these actions did not seem to cause the military much “moral and psychological burden” at the time.

The media backed by Egypts powerful business tycoons and Arab journalists are at the forefront of this dirty game

Below line from the Newyorker article sums up Egypt quite nicely

In a country with an increasingly repressive regime and no democratic culture to draw on, protest has become an end in itself—more satisfying than the hard work of governance, organizing, and negotiation. This is politics as emotional catharsis, a way to register rage and frustration without getting involved in the system.


2 thoughts on “Egypt Counter-revolution : End of a good thing

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