Q: What is the purpose of this crappy blog?

I have been known to give my two cents across a range of subjects some of which I know nothing about. This blog will collect the pearls of wisdom that I have scattered all over the world wide web and present them to you in categorized manner.

Q: Why is it named Mere Do Paisay (translation: My Two Cents)?

Though the blog is not targeted to any specific audience but I believe people of certain tastes would appreciate it more. The title in roman-script Urdu is to indicate that it may not be for everyone.

Q: I get it (not!) why you named it Mere Do Paisay. Wouldn’t it be better had you converted two cents into equivalent rupees and use that as a blog name? It would also indicate a higher IQ or intellectual background.

I am afraid that I feel this blog is too simplistic for your high intellectual standards.

Dumbass! the rate at which rupee depreciates against dollar I would need to change the title of blog every few days to reflect the new exchange rate.

Anymore questions, please use to comment form below and I will try to get back to you.

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